Poptabs Recycling

Katrina's Poptabs Program is in an effort to Giveback and Recycle. Our mission is to Redeem due to collecting cans and pulling off aluminum cans to be able to get paid by the hour and or container (machinery Only).All Poptabs are Recycled to support Disabilities and Cancer patients in need of free treatments also, we Regroup ourselves to Indenpendency within creating creative activities to become your Own entity. Katrina's Poptabs Program is in an effort to get a 24/7 private shelter facility for all vulnerabilities/homelessness crisis with advocacy assistance. Katrina's Poptabs Program is in an effort of supporting Katrina's Poptabs Cash Machine which,has a slight difference that will be of assistance for the pending/denied stay at home families. Two synchronicities in the physical/ machinery format for the Cause,Purpose and Effect ❤...(NEVER BITE THE CANS THAT FEEDS YOU😃). Thank you for your support

The Program

We want to help those who have been given fewer opportunities than others achieve their goals.

The idea behind Katrina’s Poptabs Program, LLC / Katrina’s Poptabs Cash Machine was born out of a personal experience: Katrina, the founder of the organization, was in a bad car accident, became disabled, and struggled both financially and emotionally. She overcame her situation and decided to help others after the vulnerabilities crisis INTERNAL/EXTERNAL

Seasonal in-person from June-Dec. We are accepting contributions to Katrina's Poptabs Program, LLC/
Katrina's Poptabs Cash Machine 24/7
Three people are looking at the sky with their arms up in a cheering motion, two of the jumping and one in a wheelchair.

Pop Tab Facts

purple pop tab

Working Together

Pop tab programs help bring communities closer & promote solidarity and awareness.

pink pop tab

Popped Tab

An item as simple as a pop tab can become a great assisting device like a wheelchair.

orange pop tab

Lessons For Everyone

Supporting good causes helps teach younger generations about working for a good cause.

cyan pop tab

Conscious Helper

By donating pop tabs, you are also contributing to environmental protection.

Bring Us Your Pop Tabs

Coordinate a time and date with us to deliver your saved pop tabs! 

Pop tabs are stored in a small red bucket.

We can change lives!

If you are interested in knowing more about Katrina’s Poptabs Program, LLC / Katrina’s Poptabs Cash Machine and how we help others, you can send us your information and we will contact you.


We are rewriting the narrative of community support by creating a transformative opportunity for the homeless and sheltered individuals.

Beyond Charity, It's Dignity

It's not just about what's collected; it's about the invaluable time and effort invested by those in need. We are redefining the way we give back to the community by paying individuals on a monthly basis for their time – a move away from the conventional 'by the pound' compensation.

Community Unity in Action

Join us in building a community where everyone has the chance to contribute meaningfully. Our mission is to create a ripple effect of positive change, not just by addressing immediate needs but by offering a sustainable pathway out of homelessness. It's not charity; it's a partnership towards progress.

How Can You Contribute?

We provide a monthly opportunity for individuals experiencing homelessness and those residing in shelters to receive hourly compensation for collecting cans and gathering pop tabs. The potential within every individual and channeling the collective power of a community toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

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16 Polaris Drive Montgomery Al 36108 unit 3

Cash App: $poptabs2c